English Debate Competition

On the 10th-12th of August Mercubuana English Debate Competition was held. It was a competition for high schoolers all over JABODETABEK and was attended by 32 teams from schools all around. The competition itself was intense but what differs this competition from others is that the regristration fee is free. Although it was a free to enter competition but the prize weren’t less than those paid ones. The prize pool was around 8 million rupiahs with the benefits of also receiving scholarship at Mercubuana university itself. That’s  about the introduction of the competition, now I’ll be telling you my experience of it. First I”ll introduce myself , my name’s Reydhid Febrian and I’m a 12th grader in SMAK 6 BPK Penabur located in Muara Karang. Regularly this kind of competition comes to my school and it serves as great opportunities for us students to find ourselves a challenge to win. Our team of debate consist of 3 persons the one being me and the two others are Jacqualine Jane and Amelia Putri , which both are still in 11th grade. So the competition begins on Tuesday ( 11th of August ) and we went there by taxis , oh I forgot there’s one more member( actually there’s some but I just mentioned the starters). The other members are ivonne Aurelia, Owen Hansel , and Amanda ( the three of them are still 10th graders) but on the first day we took ivonne along with us to watch and learn. We were also accompanied by our beloved English teacher Sir Daniel , in which we tease him a lot on the way there :p

After we arrived at the university we had to wait for a while , it seems that we got here early. After a few minutes the competition finally started , our match weren’t the first so we had the opportunity to watch other teams compete. This is what I learn as I was watching , that it is actually more nerve-wrecking to watch other people compete than actually competing ourselves. But anyway we enjoyed the competition and there was loads of interesting arguments as well as debaters. One of which in particular I remember ( well actually I don’t remember anything about him at all ) is the fact that he was extremely aggressive ( in a debating way) and was fun to watch , because he was just so full of energy when delivering his speech. It amazes me but also sent chill down on my spine. Moving on , it is finally our turn to compete. Our line up are me( 1st speaker ) , jacqualine ( 2nd speaker ) , and Amelia ( 3rd speaker ).The theme was TH Supports Home Schooling and we played the role of opposition. I was trembling and my voice was a little shaky , but thank God I delivered my speech just fine. We won that round and that was a big morale booster for us , there were 2 matches that day so one’s down. We compete again that day ,and our second theme was THBT All Parents Should Attend Parenting Classes before Having A Child and our opponent was another which piqued my attention. This time it’s a female ( no wrong conceptions here) and she was similar to the guy  I’ve talked about before , but more fierce. Other than that she’s an excellent debater and was very good at delivering her speech. Despite all that we managed to win the second round and the next round would be held on the next day. So that conludes our first day

Our second day begins with me dressing up all wrong , and that’s a bad sign. Moreover we got lost when we’re going there and it actually took us a lot of time. Fortunately our match was the second one , so we weren’t late. Oh and we were accompanied by our mesmerizing teacher Miss Valerine. Our match begins at 10 and so we have about and hour to prepare , when it is finally our time to come we pray and head to the room. The theme was THBT Press Should Be More Controled by state and we played the Opposition. The second day was no joke , the team that passed the elimination was better than the ones we faced before(P.S it’s the guy from before ). Thanks to the blessing of God , we won that round and earned the opportunity to advance to the semi-finals. After break we decided to pray once more and prepared for the semifinals , our opponent was from SMAN 7 Tangsel and their 1st speaker was good. He spoke like it was rap ( it even has it’s melody LOL) but his pronounciation was fluent in every way. It was a tough round but we managed to actually won. All that’s left is the Grand Final , and we prayed that God may blessed us one more time so that we may go home gloriously. Our final opponent was from Santo Bellarminus and the theme was THBT Children Should Be Allowed To Work If They Wished To , and we played the role opposition. This time the 1st , 2nd ,and 3rd speaker was equally good and thus makes it a very tight battle. The 1st speaker even brought examples ( Rainbow Looms) for his speech , and the 2nd and 3rd speaker was also convincing as well. After the debate ended , we were told to gather in the hall where the results will later be announced. After a long one and a half hour ( perhaps more ) we finally got the result. WE WON FIRST PLACE YAYYYYY !!!! We were so happy that we actually got confused when going up the stage , but it was very pleasurable to actually won. –The End-